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Making Dreams Come True

         I have always been passionate about planning things. I studied business finance at Sheridan college because  I believed that I could help "plan" clients' financial futures.
I got a job in the banking industry, absolutely loved providing a great client experience and hoping in some small way that I made a difference.( I believe I did because I got nominated for our 2013 first quarter by my colleagues).
         I got into event planning because:  EVERY birthday party, bridal shower, and social outing I got "voluntary-told" that I was doing it. I'm one of those people that had a picnic table in the back of my Honda Civic because who knows? There's always time for a picnic.

        My favorite  part of a wedding is watching the whole thing coming together after weeks/months/years  of planning. I love being able to get a surprised, and excited reaction from my clients. It's the best feeling in the world when they say " this is beautiful.  Thank you."

Tanisha Picton
(that's me in the corner with my favorite little dude)
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